Maps and Wedding Invitations


Sometimes it feels like we have seen it all when it comes to the wedding invites. 

If you are searching for a quirky, new approach — something elegant, yet special for your special day (pun intended) — let’s talk!

We can create anything but here are some of our suggestions:

♥ Map of your and your partner’s special places on your wedding invites. 

♥ Or it can be a map of all the places you have visited so far together.

♥ It can be a map of all your future plans, why not! 

♥ It can be a drawing of the city where you have met or a pretty drawing of symbolic flowers of your countries!

You are organizing your big day and people are coming from likely all over the country (or world) to celebrate this occasion, so a map reminds you of the importance of this date and location in a way that you will keep and remember forever.

We definitely know how special your wedding day is and how complicated wedding plans are. We are here to help you have something memorable and magical!