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Sonja Bajic in Paris

Sonja's story

Life is a map. We walk one every day!

Sonja Bajic creates maps, stationary, home goods and gifts designed to celebrate your life and the serendipity of it! A blend of whimsical and straight-forward is what defines us best!

Sonja Bajic is a designer and artist who tries to find the beauty of everyday life through her maps  and drawings. Sonja has two Master Degrees in Architecture and Urban Design that she completed in France, Italy and Serbia. As both an architect and artist, Sonja sees the world differently — not as a panorama of buildings and landmarks, but as memories and sensations. She understands how and why the physical world shapes our lives and she is fascinated by the power that cartographers, architects and creative types have to influence people, cities and entire cultures.

Sonja Bajic creates from the belief that we leave a bit of ourselves everywhere we go, and embracing that can give us a deeper understanding of where we are now.  Each of us is searching for connections with places and people, and Sonja helps find those through her illustrations and her hopefulness.  

Your memories and experiences are incredibly unique, and Sonja turns them into a beautiful work of art.  

We believe in a better tomorrow

Licensing and Branding Inquiries

Contact us with all your ideas (or we can help you with that) and we will make things happen! Sonja loves to collaborate! Let’s work together.

To view Sonja’s one-of-a-kind artwork and all little bits and pieces of her creative process visit Sonja Bajic website