Gift Voucher -  Small and Big Maps
Gift Voucher -  Small and Big Maps
Gift Voucher -  Small and Big Maps
Gift Voucher -  Small and Big Maps
Gift Voucher -  Small and Big Maps

Gift Voucher - Small and Big Maps

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Are you searching for a perfect wedding gift?
Is your dad's 70th birthday around the corner?
Do you wish to give your partner something super special for Christmas?

On the request of many of my clients, I created a gift voucher for that WOW WHAT A GIFT effect. Because how many people you know have their OWN personalized map, right?

ORDER gift for someone special - I am excited to make something amazing for you and your friends and family! Everybody needs a personalized map that will make them smile - and now you can gift one!

How does the whole process go?

1. Once you make a purchase you will receive a digital gift voucher.

2. You can print it out, fill it and send it via snail mail or just fill it in digitally and send it via email 

3. Once the QR code on the voucher is scanned, it will take you - or the person you gifted the voucher to - to the form where you can tell us about your map! 

Don't worry, the gift voucher is valid for one year so people can think well what they would like to have on their unique map

There are a couple of different options: 

 MINI MAP - this is the map of one special place that the loved one, whom you gifted a gift card, will choose. More details and info about this kind of map this way.

To purchase this choose 200€ option in the menu.

♥ BIG MAP - map with at least eight places on it! Once you send the gift card to your loved ones, they can make the list of their 8 special places for the unique map. And yes, I will map them! More details and information about this kind of map this way. 

To purchase this choose 392€ option in the menu. 

Please send me an email if you would like a physical voucher to be sent or if you have any questions!