Connection Spot May - Landline Paris

connection spots

Landline map appeared in a series called "connection spots" on our IG account and in our newsletter (you can subscribe at the bottom of our website). Every month we share little drawings called “connection spot”, marking unique Paris venues, with our community and customers. We hope that this will help our clients reach more exceptional places in Paris, such as this lovely boutique. 

landline general store paris mini map


Here is a little paragraph from our newsletter:

If you’ve been following me on instagram, every now and then I post our funky shelf full of books, candles, stones and little memorabilia that attracts mostly dust and sometimes looks. Among that organized chaos, there is a little globe - my own little world - that I bought in a charming place called Landline. I am pretty sure I had a similar one when I was a kid, and that you did too! That little globe is a piggy bank -  and it makes me smile knowing that this world is full of little copper Euro cents. On the other hand, Landline - a general supply store - is full of necessary, beautiful things that make me feel cosy AND sustainable. Definitely worth a map and a visit when in Paris!

What are your favorite places that we should map?

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